So we’re allowed to submit Dota-themed artwork to the Workshop, for potential use with merchandise for TI4!  I was really excited to do some straight-up 2d art, and I came up with several designs for t-shirts and prints. 

Trying to accomodate a bunch of different tastes with different styles here, from 80’s Jem-inspired cartoony, to Three Warlock Moon style, to Lisa Frank color explosion!  I hope you like them!

I have no clue how WeLoveFine is going to be selecting these for use, so I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that if you like these, VOTES AND FAVORITES ARE SUPER APPRECIATED.

Naga Siren Print

80’s Crystal Maiden/Lina Print

Crystal Maiden shirts

Lina Shirts

Ishul-Shog the Watcher Print

Ishul-Shog shirts

I have a few more ideas, so time permitting, I’d love to make some more submissions. c:



workshop clarification post


Dear dota friends and followers,

I’m excited as shit for the workshop merch submissions and am most definitely going to be submitting things for it!! HOWEVER I will most likely not be submitting any existing finished art (even my old riki and brew shirt designs could stand to be spruced up a bit at this point). I’d like to make some all-new art for the workshop and will definitely have links to where you can vote on it rather than just posting the art by itself, so if you see any of my art being posted for shirt designs as is, they’re not going to be legit and you should report the heck out of them!

Would also appreciate it if you’d report + let me know in the event that you see any of my art being submitted to the workshop by anyone that isn’t me (my steam name and icon are the same as on this tumblr, so it should be pretty easy to tell).

Thanks guys. Workshop art theft is probably going to be rampant, but let’s work together to keep it at a minimum!