I’m around, sorta kinda! I’ve taken on some extra work to bankroll this — (9 weeks til I fly out!), been bloody sick AND had to watch as many Western Qualifier matches as I physically could — so free time is a bit skinny atm. I’m trying to be more efficient with the time I do have tho.

SO, with roaming to the US and Canada in my mind, I give you two items that can strike FEAR into your enemies hearts: a smoke of deceit & boots of speed.

I don’t use smokes nearly enough, but I’ve seen some damn fine plays using em over the last few days watching the West Quals. And boots? As a long time Crystal Maiden player I LOVES me these damn things with a quiet desperation only a support would understand.

I’m kinda happy with these: the smoke could have stood to be a shade brighter. As per usual, I have a lot of difficulty with light in my apartment, but I assure you the smoke itself has a lovely swirl through it. They’re both entirely polymer clay (of course) and are secured with a little strap.

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    What about a three branches, one tango set? Such a good an reliable build.
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    There’s this Shelzie lady who is SOMEHOW reading my mind (or my monitor’s post-it note). Woooooooooow. I thought of this...
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    All you dota fans that aren’t aware of Lake and her amazing gorgeous craft works? You should be. Such a lovely person,...
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